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Herbal bio-disinfection to protect against viruses and bacteria.

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Our Philosophy

TAOASIS – that’s us. For more than 25 years, we have stood for 100% all-natural and high-quality essential oils from certified organic cultivation. Nothing comes into our products that does not belong there. That means: no animal ingredients, no undeclared admixtures, no synthetic additives. And because we not only take care of our business, all products of TAOASIS Natur Duft Manufaktur are consistently sustainable, fair and environmentally friendly. Because we love our environment and the people in it – and we love scents.

Axel Meyer & Govinda Meyer
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Our Favorite Products

for a fragrant well-being

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Anti Stress Roll-on

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Baldini - Yogaduft Raumduft Set

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DIY Basiscreme

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Baldini - FeelFreude Auto-Duftset mit Duftstein

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Baldini - Zitrusdüfte 3er-Set

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Aromastream Mini mit Dufte Schule Masterscent

Our Cultivation Partners


Whether rose, lavender or Swiss stone pine: all our fragrances are obtained from aromatic plants from certified and fair organic cultivation – worldwide.

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Aromatherapy DIY

Cosmetic recipes, culinary recipes and home-made room scents: Discover our do-it-yourself-recipes

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