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What drives us

Our philosophy

Our philosophy rises above everything we do: living in harmony with nature. This is no empty promise, but something we live out on large and small scales, in our treatment of customers, suppliers, in all departments and at all levels.

1. Sustainability

Driven by a desire for sustainability, we feel responsible for the world we live in – for people, nature and our environment, today and tomorrow. This starts with the selection of our cultivation partners and runs all the way to shipping our packages. Particularly the avoidance of waste, plastic and excess packaging makes an effective contribution to putting a stop to the contamination of water, the air and the soil. Wherever possible, we therefore avoid plastic; our packaging is made of cardboard and our energy is 100 % green.

2. Regionality

The closer the better! That is why we rely for services on regional partners. Because we want not only to support local operations, but also to save CO2 during shipment. To cut the distance from field to phial even more, we founded our own agricultural operation in 2018 and have now developed this Demeter-zertifizierte TaoFarm to a size of over 20 hectares, growing lavender, rosemary and oregano directly at our front gates. This has many advantages, among them the fact that we can now monitor and control every stage – from planting seedlings to the point of sale.

3. Biodynamic

We have dedicated ourselves to protecting nature and the environment and are convinced that biodynamic farming is the way to do so. In this, we go beyond the bounds of organic farming, conceiving of our operation as an organism within the circular economy. The Demeter-seal is the strictest organic seal, and biodynamic farming is thus particularly ecologically beneficial. In all our products, we strive towards Demeter certification and also obtain plants we cannot produce ourselves preferentially from Demeter-certified partners. Only when a raw material is unavailable to the global market in Demeter quality do we have recourse to ordinary organic products.

4. A family company

TAOASIS is a family company led by a father and son team, and we consider all employees to be a part of it. We place great value on personal, trusting treatment of each other regardless of the department, hierarchy and age. Nobody who works for us is a mere cog in the machine. Rather the reverse: It goes without saying that we involve our employees in decisions and are committed to equality of opportunity.