Our horticultural partners and cooperatives across the globe

Cultivation worldwide

We love the scents of flowers, trees and herbs – and have done so since 1991. Whether it’s rose, lavender or lemon, all our fragrances are obtained from aromatic plants from certified, fair, organic or Demeter-certified cultivation worldwide. And because trust is good, but we don’t want to have to rely on international certifying bodies, we regularly visit our farming projects and cooperatives in Europe, Asia and Australia in person.

Organic Arolla project South Tyrol

Arolla pines like extremely high altitudes and grow particularly well in the Alps. Our Arolla pine oil is obtained directly from South Tyrol. Our arboricultural partner there knows just how to treat the “Queen of the Alps”. With incredible passion and engagement, it works to produce perfect oil.

Organic lavender project Bulgaria

Our largest agricultural project is located in the very heart of Bulgaria: Over an area of significantly more than 100 ha, we cultivate the deliciously scented lavender of which we are particularly proud. It is only the excellent collaboration with our horticultural partner there that makes this at all possible.

Demeter lavender project France

One of our closest and longest-lived partnerships is with a small family company in France which puts great commitment and passion into the cultivation of Demeter lavender. We are happy to have found such a reliable partner right in the heart of Provence and are glad to have even been able to expand our fields in 2019.

Demeter project Germany

We are particularly proud of our partner in southern Germany, as it was here that we were able to be involved in a complete conversion from organic to Demeter standards. Thanks to our excellent collaboration, we are now able to offer lemon balm, yarrow and angelica oils of the very best Demeter quality.

Demeter project Italy

We have been working with our Italian horticultural partner almost right from the start and have been closely linked for many years now. From 2019, we were even able to expand our cultivated area by another 100 hectares. We are particularly proud of our Damascus roses, which we have newly begun cultivating in Italy alongside fennel, sage, rosemary and Demeter lavender.

Demeter citrus project Sicily/Italy

One product above all comes from our Sicilian horticultural partner: fantastic citrus oil for our Demeter citrus products. Our close collaboration with this traditional family company has gone on now for three years, and has really impressed us. We already have extensive plans to extend our cooperation.