Simply the best


We make fragrances as they should be - natural, pure, organic. And because nothing goes into our products that doesn't belong there, we pay meticulous attention to compliance with our quality standards in all production steps. That starts in the field.

All our essential oils are 100% natural and come from plants from controlled organic or Demeter cultivation. These either grow directly on our own farmland or are cultivated by our partners around the world. We can check the top quality of the plants grown on the TaoFarm fields right on our doorstep as soon as the seedlings are planted, but we also visit our international cultivation partners regularly to check their standards.

After the harvest and distillation of the plants, each oil is analysed in our in-house laboratory. Here we take a close look at every single raw material. This way we can ensure that they do not contain any pesticide residues or undesirable substances. In addition, we can draw direct conclusions about the optimal harvest time from the analysis of the ingredients. By the way, the visual inspection of each oil is also important in order to detect possible impurities, as well as the odour test - which, by the way, is carried out by our managing directors themselves for each oil. Of course, we have the top quality of our oils certified: You can see from the various seals on the label that we keep our promises.