Biodynamic farming


We cultivate all our agricultural land to Demeter standards: because we are convinced that biodynamic agriculture is the most sustainable form of farming.

Why Demeter?

The “biodynamic” methods of the Demeter organic farming association provide one of the most sustainable forms of farming. Their guidelines are stricter than the EU Organic Production Regulation, and the idea of biodynamism goes beyond just ecological farming. Every farm is treated as its own organism, capable of living on its own: The land provides food for animals, which in turn fertilise the land.


Demeter guidelines

Ecological agriculture has the goal of farming in a way that conserves resources, protects the climate and supports the environment. The Demeter seal also includes guidelines for organic and ecological agriculture but goes further, including additional items that surpass the EU’s minimum organic criteria. Demeter, for example, requires the conversion of the entire farm; has stricter requirements for pest management and fertiliser quantities; and contains the obligation to use biodynamic preparations made of plants, minerals and cattle dung on the fields. We cultivate our TaoFarm fields exactly according to these strict guidelines.

Demeter product seal

Wherever possible, we try to obtain a Demeter certification for our products. The orange Demeter trademark on our products stands for:

For plant-based ingredients, 90% at least Demeter raw materials
High biodegradability
Superior raw material quality
Value-retaining processing without chemical or synthetic additives
Absolute transparency in declarations

In all our products, we strive towards Demeter certification. Currently, however, there are only a few suppliers from whom we can obtain Demeter-quality goods. Special oils, for example, Arolla pine oil, are not yet available at all to global markets in Demeter quality. The occasional difficulty in procuring Demeter raw materials is one of the reasons why we founded our own Demeter-certified agricultural operation TaoFarm and now grow our own crops. This means we are independent of raw materials suppliers and market fluctuations, while also being able to cover our own need for essential oils of superior quality.

More Highlights

Discover our Demeter-certified product highlights

Our Favorite
Lavender Germany organic/demeter

5 ml (€2,580.00 / 1000 ml)

Baldini scent composition Feelruhe organic/demeter

5 ml (€980.00 / 1000 ml)

Head well Roll-On

10 ml (€890.00 / 1000 ml)

Our Favorite
Sauna essence black forest organic/demeter

100 ml (€128.00 / 1000 ml)