Akademie der Düfte

Institute for applied aromatherapy

Since 1991 the „Akademie der Düfte“ stands up for the preservation and establishment of the aromatherapy in Germany. Next to the public relations there are many seminars with specialist presentations about essential oils and usage.
The main target groups are pharmacists and PTA. So that they can use their learnt knowledge in a daily conversation at work. The basic seminars ‘Aromaberater’ and ‘Aromaexperte’ build the foundation for the active work with essential oils – even in cooperation with therapists and nursing staff.
Based on this these specialist presentations allow an intensification and specialization on various themes.
The last 20 years aromatherapy has developed and changed but there is still a huge need for information.
Because of all the inaccuracies at declaration and the lack of distinction between natural and synthetic scents the consumers have uncertainties. Also the legislation, especially the change to EU laws played a big part.
As a naturopathic method the aromatherapy gets a lot of critique from official authorities and consumer organization.
The consumer protection covers up the dangers like allergic reactions from synthetic scents so the essential oils and natural scents stand in a negative light. The “Akademie der Düfte” tries to make the backgrounds of these attacks transparent with showing the facts. The topic of the compatibility is very important and is discussed very often.
To let the numbers speak the “Akademie der Düfte” made an initiative www.ichwillnaturduft.de.
Datas are collected here with an questionnaire and are send to the responsible politicians.

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Aromatherapy - also in China

We have a very well-trained team in China, which provide also information and offers various courses. With this institution we work on the propagation of the important knowledge about essential oils and aromatherapy itself.

Here you can find the homepage of our Chinese partner