Akademie der Düfte

Institute for applied aromatherapy

Since 1991 the „Akademie der Düfte“ stands up for the preservation and establishment of the aromatherapy in Germany. Next to the public relations there are many seminars with specialist presentations about essential oils and usage.
The main target groups are pharmacists and PTA. So that they can use their learnt knowledge in a daily conversation at work. The basic seminars ‘Aromaberater’ and ‘Aromaexperte’ build the foundation for the active work with essential oils – even in cooperation with therapists and nursing staff.
Based on this these specialist presentations allow an intensification and specialization on various themes.
The last 20 years aromatherapy has developed and changed but there is still a huge need for information.
Because of all the inaccuracies at declaration and the lack of distinction between natural and synthetic scents the consumers have uncertainties. Also the legislation, especially the change to EU laws played a big part.
As a naturopathic method the aromatherapy gets a lot of critique from official authorities and consumer organization.
The consumer protection covers up the dangers like allergic reactions from synthetic scents so the essential oils and natural scents stand in a negative light. The “Akademie der Düfte” tries to make the backgrounds of these attacks transparent with showing the facts. The topic of the compatibility is very important and is discussed very often.
To let the numbers speak the “Akademie der Düfte” made an initiative www.ichwillnaturduft.de.
Datas are collected here with an questionnaire and are send to the responsible politicians.


Susanna Färber: Pharmacist with focus on aromatherapy and naturopathy

As a student from the LMU Munich Susanna Färber attended a lecture from Prof. Dr. Dr. Wabner for natural substances chemestry/aromatherapy. That’s how she found her passion for the fragrant plants. She contributed that the aromatherapy is an complentary medicine as an active pharmacist and as a committed consultant, in Germany. In her position as the 1st president of the Akademie der Düfte it is her concern to disclose information. In her workshops is the practical relevance for every participant important, also the relevance and feasability in the pharmacy daily life.

Tamara Schäfer: PTA and alternative practicioner with focus on aromatherapy and naturopath

Since 2001 Tamara Schäfer is a consultant in the area of aromatherapy and aroma care. So she is the longest standing seminar leader of the “Akademie der Düfte”. Since 2004, in close cooperation with a hospice she specialised her focus on: Usage of essentical oils in care, in hospital, palliative and hospice, which she is talking about as a lecutrer at the university of Gießen. As a PTA she is working in an active aroma pharmacy but of course she deals with many other themes around aromatherapy!

Sabrina Birkmeyer: PTA, aroma expert and wellness-/massage therapist

In 2005, Sabrina Birkmeyer found her love for essential oils during an introductory lecture from her current colleague Tamara Schäfer. Since then she can’t imagine her life without scents. Scents are with her all the time, doesn’t matter if it is in the aroma kitchen, her big passion, or in her daily life. Her concern is to inform as much people as possible about the wonderful effect of oils and to give tips for the practice and daily life.

Irene Kraft: Pharmacist, aroma expert, further education for naturopathy and homeopathy

As a long standing employee in different active aroma pharmacies and as a passionate scents lover, Irene Kraft could get many experience to this topic. The naturalness, quality and purity of the used aromatherapy is a special concern for her. She is working as an active consultant for a renowned phytotherapy business and delights her listeners while doing a lecture with knowledge and authencity for many years now.

Gaby Wanitschke: PTA, aroma expert

Apart from the work with essential oils in a pharmacy, she is working as a consultant for many years now. In nurse and nursing staff training to the topics “aromatherapy in cultivation” and in a day-care-hospital for general psychiatry for “psyche and aromatherapy”. As an active colleague, she is supporting the teams groupwork with aromatherapy. She wrote a book “Dufte Märchen vom Prinzen Cedrus und der Prinzessin Jasmina” which excites young and old people for many years.

Dr. Kathrin Hohl: Pedagogue, promotion in the department psychology, aroma expert

Kathrin Hohl studied pedagogy in Greifswald. She graduated in Leipzig, in 2002. During her pharmacist training she researched about the phenomenon stress. Nowadays she can’t imagine to reduce stress without essential oils in combination with relaxing massages and special room aromatisation. Even though she makes an intensive reseach about the aromatherapeutic usage, since 2002, she still has the feeling to be at the beginning of a fascinating journey. You are heartly welcomed to join this travel!

Angela Gleixner Lück: Diploma nurse with additional training in aroma care , women herbal medicine and nature education

Focus: Aroma care and massage, relaxing, complementary methods for care and natural pedagogical projects. Since 1998, self employed consultant for adult education (different educational institutions, schools, pharmacies, authorities, and other).

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Annette Torster: PTA, aroma expert

Because of the many years of work in a pharmacy, which main topic is ‘healthiness in harmony with nature’, she early came into contact with aromatherapy. She could expand her expertise by giving customers advice, customer presentations in a pharmacy and with her cooperation with midwives and hospices.
Next to her specialization as an AromaExpert since 2005, her knowledge grows rapidly with versatile naturopathic training courses. These impulses enlarged her enthusiasm for essential oils.

Ann-Sophie Blöß

Your contact person for booking and planning seminars
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