What is aromatherapy?

In our hectic time the people are looking more and more after remedies from the nature which have mild effects and low side effects. So they can handle with the loads and the health complaints of the daily life. And this is where the aromatherapy steps in – a natural and very gentle type of treatment where pure essential oils, from traditional receipes of the naturopathy, are used and self-healing powers of the body are activated. The aromatherapy connects the traditional knowledge of healing methods with the claim to holistic body awarness because it is not just for your body, for your soul and spirit as well. Even in the school medicine is the aromatherapy more represented as a classic method of treatment, some essential oils like eucalytpus and peppermint are accepted as a natural remedy:

Essential oils are highly concentrated plant essences gained from steam distillation, shell pressing or extraction. Their versatile properties and application possibilities of the numerous ingredients – depending on the oil there could be up to 400 different ingredients. Nature-identical or synthetic oils are not acceptable! The effect of the complex interaction is important but the natural composition of the plants can’t be rebuild 100 %

Essential oils have a wide effect spectrum – they help us to relax, can raise up our concentration, give us strength, make a sensual atmosphere, clean the air in a room or just make us feel comfortable. Some essential oils have an disinfecting and anti-inflammatory effect, which is great for the cold times of the year and important for every medicine cabinet at home.

On the following side you will find examples for application and tips around the aromatherapy. Bur fist of all, let us give you the following advices:

It is better to use natural oils with a high qualitiy for the exclusive application.

We would like to recommend essential oils and base oils from TAOASIS and TAOMED. Regular controlls from independent institutes, certification according to ISO 9001:2000 and pharmaceutical testing for peppermint and eucalyptus guarantees our high quality. Most of our base oils come from controlled biological cultivations and meet the strict directive for controlled natural cosmetic of the BDIH.

The desired effect of essential oils can just develop when the use of them is correct; and not every essential oil is suitable. A competent advice from an expert pharmacy is necessary! A good sorted pharmacy can give you over 120 essential oils with best quality and advises you on the choice for the right oil.

If it is your wish, TAOMED pharmacies will make you your individual aromatherpy mixture. These pharmacies have a database which is unique worldwide. This databse makes it possible to advise interested customers around the aromatherapy.