Aromatherapy for Babies & Children

Natural & gentle helpers for the little ones

The still very sensitive organism of children can be treated extremely well with aromatherapy, since it’s a natural and particularly gentle method if dosed correctly. Through a targeted application of mild, well-tolerated essences, the self-healing powers are activated in order to achieve relief of discomfort. Ideal is the use of aromatherapy in addition to other therapies.

Of course, in children and especially in babies and toddlers, some instructions should be followed. So you should always read the description of the oil and check if it is suitable for babies or children. The aromatherapy application should only be done externally as a massage or as a room fragrance. Especially with children, it is important to use only tested and natural products. Children should like the scent and some oils should be avoided altogether. Aromatherapy treatments should always be done in consultation with the pediatrician or natural health practitioner.

The dosage of the oils should be chosen lower in any case, as children react more sensitively than adults:

  • For school children, you use about half the adult dose
  • For young children, about 20% of the adult dose should be used
  • For babies, oils should really only be used in a very targeted way – in even lower doses, about 10% of the adult dose

Naturally pure base oils are very well suited for the care of sensitive children’s skin. The natural base oils can also be mixed with essential oils, depending on skin type and individual needs. This type of care oils provides high individuality and also high purity without synthetic additives such as preservatives and dyes and fragrances.

This is especially important for the many allergic children and for atopic dermatitis.

The dosage on the skin is also lower here than in adults, so about 20 or max. 50% of the adult dose. For babies a total concentration of 0.5% should never be exceeded. The exclusive use of absolutely natural, unadjusted essential oils is responsible for the good compatibility of mixtures for children and should always be followed.

Baby-Fussmassage mit Lavendel

Tip: soothing baby foot massage

A gentle and easy baby treatment is a foot massage with lavender oil. To do this, mix a drop of lavender oil with 2 tablespoons of base oil, such as almond oil or jojoba oil, and gently massage into the soles of your feet. The scent of lavender has a calming and harmonizing effect which, in combination with the foot massage, creates closeness and bondage and can becomes a beautiful ritual before falling asleep.

What to keep in mind for babies and children:

  • always read the description of the oil and check if it is suitable for babies and children
  • only external use or as room fragrance
  • use only tested and certified natural products
  • adjust the dosage
  • leave out some oils
  • get expert support
  • application always in consultation with pediatrician or naturopathic practitioner

Scents for children


Lavandula angustifolia

Lavender has a balancing and soothing effect. As a mild and gentle scent it can be used before falling asleep for relaxation and rest. With its skin care properties, it can be used ideally for foot massages even for babies and toddlers.


Vanilla planifolia

Vanilla has a warm and sweet aroma that children like. The fragrance has a soothing effect and can be used as a room fragrance just like a small consolation. With vanilla it is easier to relax and to find sleep.


Citrus reticulata

Almost all kids like citrus scents. Most of all tangerine has a soft, warm scent that makes you feel exhilarated and which spreads a relaxed, serene atmosphere. It also mixes well with lavender.


Easy learning with Cool School

The original cool school scent of TAOASIS is a fragrance composition of 100% pure natural, essential oils, which promotes concentration and motivating. The organic fragrance with orange, lemon and lavender was tested in the nationwide “Dufte Schule” pilot project for over 800 students in the classroom. The results of the scientifically-accompanied aromatherapy study conducted from 2005 to 2010 speak for themselves:

  • 46% felt an improvement in motivation
  • 41% noticed an improvement in concentration
  • 35% of the participating students improved their performance and 38% lost their aggressiveness

So it does not always need drastic measures if it does not work with the learning. Natural fragrances are ideal learning companions that can gently compensate for deficits and create positive learning rituals. The original cool school scent is available as a room spray, as a practical roll-on, as an oil for the diffuser and also as a do-it-yourself set for mixing yourself – to create the individual scent for each child.