Aromatherapy for Sports & Fitness

Care for muscles and joints

Sports and aromatherapy are an absolute dreamteam. Warming rubs of the muscles and joints with essential oils are a good way of preventing muscle soreness and injuries, especially during the cold season. Oils such as rosemary or grapefruit invigorate body and mind and promote blood circulation, making them the ideal ingredient for massage oils, baths and other applications.

Everybode knows the sore muscles and the somewhat stiff feeling after unfamiliar sport. After physical exercises, good warming and circulation of stressed areas are not only beneficial for the untrained, even experienced and well-trained athletes benefit from attentive treatment of muscles and joints.

Heat and circulation
Many athletes go to the sauna regularly, as heat after exercise is good for stressed muscles. Many sports salves and massage oils also use the warming power of essential oils. The best effect can be achieved if pure essential oils in natural base oils are allowed to unfold their entire spectrum.

The use of massage oils is recommended as a preventative measure for warming up. In sports injuries, rubbings, wraps or other applications can relieve discomfort and speed healing. The best-known oils for athletes are certainly rosemary, frankincense, peppermint and juniper – but there are a lot more oils that are made for the use in sports and exercises. Essential oils such as pine or mountain pine can help to breathe deeper and better oxygenate the lungs to ensure an effective training. Study the descriptions of the appropriate oils and find the right mixture for a rub or a relaxing aroma bath in our recipe section. Or rely on tried-and-tested mixtures based on a natural-cosmetic recipe and take a look at our Meditao series – here you will find tried-and-tested formulas for the proper care of muscles and joints.

The care cream for soothing care of muscles and joints also contains organic shea butter, which gently protects the skin. In addition to frankincense, other 100% all-natural organic oils such as Cajeput give the care cream its soothing and antispasmodic power.


Native organic arnica oil is proven for the care of the musculoskeletal system. The conditioning balsam for activating the care of muscles and joints also contains organic shea butter, which gently protects the skin. Rosemary and other 100% all-natural organic oils have long proven themselves and give the care balsam the activating power.


The spray from the Meditao series has a cooling and invigorating effect on muscles and joints with activating peppermint and camphor. Also good for spraying on the neck! After traditional Chinese recipe with pure natural, essential oils and base oils such as St. John’s wort.