Aromatherapy in Pregnancy

Gentle support in times of change

For every mother, the time of pregnancy and childbirth is a time that is associated with strongly changing sensations. The hormonal changes in the body go hand in hand with serious changes in daily life habits and often pose a great challenge to an expectant mother, both physically and mentally. For many pregnancy problems, aromatherapy can provide gentle support with the use of essential oils. Nevertheless, especially in this sensitive time you should be especially careful with aromatherapy applications and always coordinate the use of essential oils with the doctor, the midwife or the natural practitioner.

Aromatherapy is a natural and particularly gentle method that works exclusively with natural aromatic plant essences – whether as a favorite fragrance in the aroma lamp, as a fragrant bath or as a stimulating, pleasantly scented body oil.

Natural Helpers for Pregnancy Problems

For example, changing moods can be gently influenced by essential oils. Selected oils are also ideal as a natural helper in case of pregnancy sickness or other problems that occur as a result of hormonal changes in the body. Also on the skin, the use of aromatic essences can help prevent against e.g. stretch marks. Some basic rules should be followed during pregnancy.

For example, you should not use the internal intake of essential oils during pregnancy. However, massages and fragrance blends for the room are good alternatives for aromatherapy applications during pregnancy. During this time, it is particularly important to use only tested and natural products.

On the one hand, the dosage should be kept a little lower, and on the other hand, individual preferences and dislikes in pregnancy should be given special consideration. Specialist support is always helpful in aromatherapy and especially during pregnancy, the applications should be coordinated with a midwife or gynecologist.

Adjust the dosage

As a dosing guideline, it is recommended to use only half of the usual adult dose. Since pregnant women are extremely sensitive to odors, they should always check before use if they are comfortable with the smells they want to use. Since even babies and toddlers are very sensitive to synthetic fragrances, the use of controlled natural cosmetics or self-made aroma massage oils for the care of the skin, especially in the time during and after pregnancy is highly recommended.

Let only nature touch your skin

A good natural pregnancy oil for the skin contains no mineral oil ingredients such as paraffin and no synthetic preservatives, dyes or fragrances. It consists for example of jojoba oil, wild rose oil and other fatty base oils, which have skin care and nourishing properties. These are supported by the active properties of selected essential oils such as neroli and rose. When choosing oil, you should always check if the essential oil is suitable for pregnant women. If you are unsure, be sure to consult with a specialist midwife or aroma expert, e.g. at a pharmacy with an aromatherapy focus.

What to keep in mind during pregnancy:

  • no internal use of essential oils
  • only external use or as room fragrance
  • use only certified natural products
  • adjust the dosage
  • take individual preferences into account
  • leave out some oils
  • get expert support
  • Application always in consultation with midwife or gynecologist

Nourishing base oils for pregnancy

Jojoba oil

Simmondsia chinensis

Jojoba oil is perfect for all skin types. As jojoba oil is actually a wax, it becomes solid at temperatures below 8°C but is very stable and does not go rancid like some other base oils. It is the ideal base for preparations for scar care and for the prevention of stretch marks.

Almond oil

Prunus dulcis

Almond oil is one of the classic base oils and has been used for beauty care since ancient times. It makes the skin smooth, keeps it young and is suitable for all skin types. Almond oil regenerates dry and chapped skin and is ideal for massage.

Apricot kernel oil

Prunus armeniaca

Apricot kernel oil is a mildly marzipan-like scented alternative to almond oil and has very similar properties. It is a wonderful wellness oil and very well suited for gentle stomach massages.


Gentle essential oils for pregnancy


Lavandula angustifolia

Lavender is the allrounder of aromatherapy. Its main characteristic is to create a balance, which means that it fills up what we are lacking. If we are stressed, it will calm us down, but if we are melancholic and burdened with worry, it will revive, refresh and build us up. Due to the pronounced skin-care properties, lavender, diluted in base oils, is also ideal for the care and regeneration of the skin.


Rosa damascena

Rose has a harmonizing effect on the soul. The scent helps us open the heart and allow emotions. Rose does not only smell pleasant, but is also a wonderful essence for the skincare. Sensitive and irritated skin areas often regenerate incredibly fast with rose oil diluted in fat base oil. Due to its relaxing properties, the essence of obstetrics has proven very useful.


Santalum spicatum

Sandalwood has also been used as a traditional Ayurvedic remedy in India for centuries for its extraordinary effects. Its main characteristic is its harmonizing and calming effect on the psycho-emotional area. Sandalwood takes the tension out of life and helps to gather new energy. In addition, the sweet, archetypal fragrant oil has strong skin care properties.