Cosmetic Recipes

Aromatherapy for body and skin

The skin is our largest sensory organ and is considered a mirror of the soul. Reason enough to give her special attention and care. Whether with aroma baths, nourishing lotions or fortifying rubs: With simple recipes and often only a few ingredients, home-scented care products can be created for every occasion and emotional state to indulge your body and your senses. Discover our cosmetic do-it-yourself-recipes.

After sport massage oil

with rosemary, grapefruit & arnica

Warming rubs of muscles and joints are a good way of preventing muscle soreness and injuries, especially during the cold season. A rub made of rosemary, grapefruit and arnica base oil is the perfect mix for a nourishing massage before and after training.

Summer sea salt peeling

with lime, lemon & peppermint

Take the summer with you in the shower: A citrus-fresh sea salt scrub invigorates your skin and refreshes you sustainably with a dash of peppermint, while the citrus fragrances lemon and lime spread good mood with their sparkling fresh fragrance.

Relaxing aromamassage

with orange, lavender, rose, cedar & sandal wood

Oils such as lavender, orange and cedar let the soul come to a rest and let us recharge our batteries. Sandalwood and Rose support the relaxing effect with their warm fragrance and their caring effect for a silky and smooth skin.

Cooling peppermint compress

with peppermint & ice cubes

A cooling peppermint compress is the number one natural helper for a cool head on warm days. While the scent of peppermint leaves your head frees your mind and allows you to breathe when you have a headache, the unique cooling effect of peppermint ensures a sustaining refreshment.

Soothing rub for the cold season

with thyme & lavender

White thyme is a gentle essential oil that helps to breathe deeply. Mixed with lavender in jojoba oil, it is the ideal ingredient for a soothing rub during the cold season. Also suitable for children and sensitive snuffing noses!

Relaxing bath for the evening

with lavender & anise

Arrive at home and relax: Lavender and anise give you a soothing and harmonizing finish to your day. A simple do-it-yourself recipe for a spa break in your own bathtub.

Bath for colds

with rosemary, thyme, eucalyptus & pine

Warmth and soothing essential oils are the ideal helpers to get through the cold-endangered season. A bath with rosemary, thyme, eucalyptus and pine helps to breathe properly again.

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