Cooling peppermint compress

with peppermint & ice cubes

On hot and humid summer days the head starts to smoke. A cooling compress with ice water and peppermint oil provides a quick and natural remedy. While the scent of peppermint frees your mind and allows you to breathe through when you have a headache, the unique cooling effect of peppermint ensures sustained refreshment. A peppermint compress is the number one natural helper for a cool head on warm days.


Preparation & application

In a bowl, mix cold water with ice cubes and 2 drops of peppermint. Dip a small towel or washcloth into it and wring it out well. Place the cool peppermint compress on the neck or pat on the temples and breathe deeply. When the whole body is heavily heated, stroke the compress over the skin on the arms and legs. Peppermint cools sustainably, so it’s better to proceed step by step.

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