Room Scent Recipes

Aromatherapy for body and soul

A pleasant indoor climate not only has a positive effect on our health and well-being, our mood is also decisively influenced by our environment. Whether invigorating, promoting concentration and refreshing or calming, warming and harmonizing: Discover our do-it-yourself room-scent recipes for nebulizer, aroma lamp, fragrance stone and Co.

Relaxing fragrance for the evening

with lavender & anise

Warm, soothing and harmonizing oils such as lavender and anise give us rest and relaxation for body and soul after a hard day’s work.


Room fragrance for concentration

with lemon, lemongrass & rosemary

Citrus fragrances make us mentally and physically alert and clear and give us new energy and concentration. They are the ideal ingredients for an invigorating fragrance composition in the workplace.


Fragrance for meditation

with bergamot, neroli & sandalwood

Warm, balsamic oils like sandalwood bring body and mind to rest and open our senses. Together with warm, relaxing citrus fragrances such as bergamot and neroli, they are ideal for meditation or a soothing yoga practice.

Raumduft zur Meditation mit Neroli, Sandelholz und Bergamotte - TAOASIS Raumduft Rezept
Sommerduft für den Balkon mit Zitrone, Melisse und Nelke - TAOASIS Raumduft Rezept

Summer scent for the balcony

with melissa, lemon and clove

Natural citrus scents are perfect companions for the summer months, which not only give freshness and concentration on warm days, but also keep insects away in combination with scents such as clove.