Dufte Schule - The Original

10 years of learning more easily with Dufte Schule

The BIO fragrance of the world’s largest and most scientifically-supported aromatherapy study was tested on more than 800 pupils. The results of the study carried out from 2005-2010 speak for themselves:

  • 46% felt an improvement in motivation*
  • 41% perceived an improvement in concentration*
  • 35% of the participating pupils improved their achievements* and the aggressiveness decreased by 38%*

*determined and documented study results

To test the effect of “Dufte Schule” you can choose between the following products exclusive in your pharmacy:

  • Dufte Schule fragrance composition, 10 ml
  • Duftset, consist of a fragrance stone in a jewellery box and 10 ml fragrance composition
  • Dufte Schule room spray, 50 ml
  • Dufte Schule aroma Roll-on, 10 ml
  • Dufte Schule room scent, 40 ml

Even when your pharmacy has a product not in stock, it is no problem for the pharmacy to receive the products within a few hours.