TAOASIS - a fragrant success story

When 1981 the first book from the company founder and author of non-fiction books were released, TAOASIS was no longer a vision. In the following years this small publisher could establish fast and was one of the first who sold health and vegetarian literature in the bookstores.

From the personal passion for essences one of the first non-fiction books for aromatherapy “Das kleine Lexikon der Düfte” were released in 1991. The 11th revised edition with numerous photos is available now. This book was crucial for the main focus and the development of the small publisher.

The increasing demand after the scents which were described in the book were made for selling them as well. And that happened – exclusive in pharmacies like it is today!

The small publisher grew up to a successful and innovative family business with pharmaceutical production. We are the leading producer for aromatherapy in pharmacies with more than 12,000 customers in Germany, Swiss and Austria. Although we produce for renowned companies and sell the precious scents in more than 20 countries in the world, we never forgot one thing – the exclusiveness in pharmacies from our brands TAOASIS®, Meditao® und TAOMED®.

The brand Baldini® was especially developed for the organic specialized trade. The product range varies from demeter-certified deodorant and perfume to natural bio aromas and the classical room scenting.
TAOASIS is successfully managed as a family business by Axel Meyer and his son Govinda Meyer.

Our Philosophy

The name TAOASIS is a synthesis from the Chinese TAO and the Arabic OASIS and means freely translated “life in harmony with nature”.

Pharmacy-exclusive quality from tradition
TAOASIS was originally founded in 1981 as a publisher of health literature and vegetarian diet. Even then the author’s and company’s founder, Axel Meyer, used to link the responsible handling of the resources as a connecting “red thread”. It is aroused again and again that we can all take responsibility for our environment through our decisions. The products of the TAOASIS Natur Duft Manufaktur are therefore all as consistent, sustainable and fair as possible and are produced environmentally friendly.
TAOASIS is a successful family business today with a small pharmaceutical production which has established itself as a leading manufacturer of aromatherapy in the pharmacy in the German-speaking world. Although TAOASIS produces also for prestigious companies and supplies the precious fragrances to more than 20 countries worldwide, the principle of pharmacy exclusivity for the popular brands TAOASIS and TAOMED will remain strictly in the future.

Nature as a model
The used raw materials are fragrant plants whose history is fulfilled by a centuries-old tradition. Only with years of experience, care and knowledge about the individual plants essential oils of the highest quality can be obtained. In order to obtain the full natural spectrum of active ingredients only the best 100% natural, essential oils are selected for TAOASIS. The majority of these precious essences are today as then gained by the proven traditional method of steam distillation.

For love of nature
The consistently natural products are developed with a lot of dedication and attention to detail and invite the consumer to behave in an environmentally friendly manner. Whether you are looking for an aromatic, invigorating fragrance, a delicious organic aroma or a precious organic perfume – you can trust that all TAOASIS products are “true” 100% natural fragrances to seduce the consumers without moving them around the nose.