We love fragrances from flowers, trees and medicinal herbs – since 1991. Whether rose, lavender or Swiss stone pine, all our scents are obtained from aromatic plants from certified organic or Demeter cultivation worldwide.

Trust is good, but we do not rely only on international certification companies (all about our quality standards and certifications can be found here). We regularly visit our cultivation cooperatives in Europe, Asia and Australia, where, for example, our aromatherapy classic tea tree comes from. From the Indian cooperative comes our high quality Demeter-peppermint. Our lime, ginger and the Demeter-lemongrass flavor are also planted, cared for and harvested by 148 smallholder farmers.

The steady expansion of projects and the support of small cooperatives is more important today than ever. Learn more about our cultivation partners and cooperatives worldwide.

Cultivation in Europe

German organic lavender from the Petite Provence in Detmold

At the beginning of September 2015 we started an extraordinary project together with organic farmer Martin Meiwes from Detmold. On two hectares in the southwest slope, 50,000 lavender seedlings from certified organic cultivation were set. The lavender plants thrived magnificently in the “Petit Provence”, as the german television lovingly described it in his report. Already in the following July, the lavender fields were in full bloom and attracted not only innumerable bees with their aromatic, relaxing fragrance, but also numerous people who wanted to experience and enjoy the unique ambience of the blossoming lavender fields, reminiscent of the summer holiday. The first partial harvest for the laboratory analyzes could start as planned. First, it was harvested by hand and the precious oil was recovered in a small distillation plant. The next year, a 2-ton steam distillation unit was installed on the company property to process all plants into high-quality organic lavender oil. Today, the lavender fields in Lippe are known far beyond the region. Here you can learn more about our German lavender from the Petite Provence.

Organic rose oil from Bulgaria

Several years ago, we embarked on the journey to Bulgaria to find organic rose projects with which we would like to grow together. Our organic rose oil comes from two family farms, which use only organic roses from their own cultivation and buy no roses for distillation. This is the only way to reliably ensure the origin and purity of the oil.

Demeter lavender from Provence

In 2018 we were allowed to visit Eric in France and get to know him. He lives with his wife and his donkeys on a small farm. They work and care for their approximately 10 hectares of land with a dedication and passion for the Demeter lavender, which has inspired and convinced us. So we started our cooperation and both sides are happy to have found such a reliable partner. We are convinced that the love and devotion for lavender is also found in the oil.

Demeter Citrus oils from Salamita

The cooperation between Salamita and TAOASIS has existed since the mid-90s and is growing continuously. What was initially only practiced on the few fields has grown into an organic movement of more than 100 farmers from all over Sicily. Meanwhile, 76 Demeter growers have joined the Salamita cooperative, which has been cultivating its fields and gardens at the foot of Mount Etna for over 40 years managed according to the strict rules of Demeter. On about 600 hectares, they produce high-quality citrus fruits and vegetables. The soils and plants are organically fertilized by the local farmers and cared for with biodynamic medicinal plant preparations – this ensures a lively soil life and a special scent. Sicily is known as the classic premium citrus fruit growing area. The warm climate, the volcanic soil and the long exposure to the sun produce a particularly high quality of our essential citrus oils.

Cultivation in Asia

Biodynamic cultivation in India

We are especially proud of our FAIR FOR LIFE certified farming project in India. 148 small farmer families not only plant, cultivate and harvest our high quality Demeter-peppermint, but also lime, ginger and our Demeter-lemongrass oil. The Indian peasant families have specialized from the beginning on the biodynamic cultivation of spices and medicinal plants and set an important example for agriculture in India. The certified organic cultivation neither burdens the soil nor the precious groundwater and of course not the farmers themselves. For this they can feed their families and send their children to school – unfortunately still not a matter of course in India.