A dream becomes true - First BIO-lavender from Detmold

We love pure natural fragrances and connect us with our partner around the world. Each small bottle with a precious essence of TAOASIS has its own history and often a long journey. It is full of love, conviction and passion, it is not only smell, you can also feel it. TAOASIS supports and promotes organic farming since the early 1990s. With the first harvest of German BIO-lavender from the region, a dream becomes true.

First organic lavender from Detmold
At the beginning of September 2014 we started an extraordinary project together with the organic farmer Martin Meives from Detmold. On two hectares of the best south-western slope 50,000 lavender plantlets were set up 8 km from the cultural capital of Detmold in the Teutoburger Wald – of course certified organic cultivation! The lavender plants in the “Petit Provence” as the WDR in his television contribution lovingly designated stood in July in full bloom and lured with their aromatic relaxing scent not only innumerable bees but also numerous people enjoyed the unique Holiday-like ambience of blooming lavender fields. The partly harvesting for laboratory analyzes was able to start as planned. At first it was harvested by hand and the precious oil was collected in a small distillation. Next year a 2-ton steam distillery will be installed on the company’s premises in order to be able to process also the extended cultivated areas to high-quality BIO-oil which will soon be given the Demeter certification. Through the media hype the “lippischen” lavender fields are already well known far beyond the region.

Why do we prefer the biological and the bio-dynamic cultivation DEMETER?
With the ever growing demand for our products and our responsibility grows, and this starts with the seed and ends with the customer. With ever greater quantities which are greater acreage, and we provide world more and more jobs. It is important for us that the people and the nature of us benefit and be exposed to pesticides no dangers. We want to play our part in that nature remains in balance. No person should work to degrading working conditions and have no bees die from GM crops or pesticides.

It is particularly important for all of us, but it is that we protect our drinking water and do not pollute it by conventional farming. Therefore we ask for years with our partners to grow to help you in certification and support them by fixed quantities and pre-financing.

Demeter Lavender from the Provence
This year we were allowed to visit and get to know Eric in France. He lives with his wife and their asses on a small very authentic farm. Edit and maintain around 10 acres of land with a dedication and passion for Demeter Lavender which has excited us very much and makes us confident.
This year we start our collaboration with Eric and both sides are very happy to have found each other. So a lavender there is only once in the world, you will be able to smell.

Organic rose oil from Bulgaria
We embark on the journey to find more organic rose projects with which we want to continue to grow together. After many visits and many kilometers we made a decision for two new projects this year. Both are family farms that use only organic roses from their garden buy no roses for distillation. Just as the origin and purity must be determined and ensured. It offers a unique and perfect fragrance experience.

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Today it is more important than it ever was to develop the projects and support the small cooperations.