Lavendelfeld in Fromhausen

Lavender cultivation

Die Petite Provence in Ostwestfalen-Lippe

We have been growing our own demeter lavender in our home region, the beautiful Lipperland, since 2014. Started as a demonstration project for alternative agriculture, the purple sea of blossoms has now become a magical place of attraction for people from all over the world.

Axel and Govinda Meyer at the Petite Provence in DetmoldGerman lavender is harvested

Lavender in Lippe

Changing the region with lavender – that is the declared aim of our Demeter-certified cultivation project in Petite Provence in Lippe. In our homeland, the beautiful Lippe region, the majority of agricultural land is still farmed conventionally and treated with pesticides. In order to become a leader in alternative agriculture, we started our first trials with lavender cultivation on Lippe land at our former company site in Detmold as early as 2012. The lavender grew so well that we decided to start the first field trial with 50,000 plants in 2014: the birth of Petite Provence in East Westphalia-Lippe.

Just two years later, we were able to harvest our German lavender by hand and extract it in our company’s own water steam distillery. The first test distillation in 2016 then finally shows: the oil from Detmold lavender is of outstanding quality. Some results even surpass those of French lavender. Now, at the latest, it is clear that lavender cultivation on German ground not only works, but also produces healthy and powerful lavender plants.

A scented sea of lavender

We are overjoyed that we have been harvesting wonderful German lavender year after year, from which we produce our own flowery and scented demeter lavender oil. In the meantime, we have a whole range of products on offer that we make from the lavender oil, in addition to the classic essential oil, for example, also a refreshing facial tonic. And because lavender cultivation works so well on Lippe land, we are constantly expanding our fields. Today we grow Demeter-quality lavender on more than 10 hectares of land.

With our cultivation project in the Lippe region, we are also giving wild bees and butterflies threatened with extinction their habitat back. Nevertheless, we are far from having reached the end: We are constantly expanding our cultivation and thousands of new lavender plants are already waiting to be planted.

Axel and Govinda Meyer are proud of their German Lavender

Lavender from Germany

If you would like to see our German lavender, you can find all our regional lavender products in our online shop. And if you want to be amazed by the purple sea of blossoms in Petite Provence, you should definitely pay us a visit during the summer months. Here you can find all the information about your visit to Petite Provence.

Lavender Oil Germany 10% in Jojoba

Lavender oil organic 10%

Lavender Organic Roll-on

German Lavender Roll-on organic

Lavender organic Face Tonic

Lavender Face Tonic organic

Lavender Oil Germany 10% in Jojoba

Lavender oil organic 100%


Impressions of the TAOASIS lavender fields