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Projects & Cooperations

From the fragrance garden to the BeeWild Wild Bee Project

From our own fragrance garden to the lavender week to the BeeWild bee project: Something exciting is always going on here. Here we keep you informed about our current projects and cooperations.

Duftgartenfuehrungen bei TAOASIS

Fragrance- and medicinal plant garden

In 2015, the TAOASIS fragrance and medicinal plant garden with barefoot path and more than 60 wonderfully fragrant herbs, shrubs and spices was opened in Detmold. In recent years, the fragrance garden has been constantly evolving and has been supplemented by other fragrance and medicinal plants. Today, there are not only classic medicinal plants such as arnica, calendula, mountain pine, coriander, cumin and fennel to discover, but also a primordial orange tree and rare wintergreen. The fragrance garden is lined by magnificent Damascus roses and 1,500 flowering lavender plants. During the summer months, the fragrance garden can be explored in guided tours under expert guidance.

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Children’s fragrance garden

Since 2018 there is also a children’s fragrance garden on our grounds! A large bench decorated with colorful mosaics and five themed beds specially designed for children invite you to discover flowers and herbs, wild bees and butterflies and to tackle many exciting questions: What are the lemonade plant and the chocolate flower? Which herbs help against cold and stomachache? Which plants let us dream well or help us with our homework? Pedagogue and art therapist Shantala Coenen brings children between 5 and 12 years in their own tours closer to nature and shows them the wondrous scents and effects of plants.

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Kinderduftgarten TAOASIS
BeeWild Wildbienenprojekt

BeeWild wild bee project

The stock of wild bees is becoming smaller and smaller, because habitats and food supply for insects are dwindling. Bees are of vital importance to nature and humans as well: without them, many plants and most of our food would not exist. That’s why we give the wild bees back their habitat: with the BeeWild Wild Bee Project, in which contaminated soils are renatured and recultivated to the untouched wildflower meadow in organic farming.

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Lavender week

When the lavender fields outside the gates of Detmold are in full bloom, we celebrate the purple sea of ​​flowers with you. Together with our cultivation partner, organic farmer Martin Meiwes, we put together great actions around the lavender. In a week in July, you can experience the lavender field with us, learn about the cultivation of lavender and aromatic plants on guided tours through the field and through the TAOASIS fragrance garden and be there live, when we extract fragrant lavender oil during the distillation on our premises. We will inform you here, when the lavender week 2019 will take place!

Lavendelwoche bei TAOASIS
Ingwer-Kooperative in Agou-Klonou - Hilfsprojekt TAOASIS

Ginger-Project in Agou-Klonou (Togo, Africa)

Agou-Klonou is a small village in southwestern Togo. In the same place we supported the construction of a primary school and later of a well some years ago. Today we support a cooperative there, which has launched a bio ginger cultivation project. Organic ginger – originally from Southeast Asia, but now grown in almost all tropical countries – was planted and the plants fertilized with green manure and compost. After the harvest, a part is sold or processed on the surrounding markets. The demand for ginger products is great and the young adults in particular get a good foundation for their livelihood and a professional perspective with the project.