BeeWild wild bee project

We return the wildflowers to the bees

The stock of wild bees is becoming smaller and smaller, because habitats and food supply for insects are dwindling. Bees are of vital importance to nature and humans as well: without them, many plants and most of our food would not exist. That’s why we give the wild bees back their habitat: with the BeeWild Wild Bee Project, in which contaminated soils are renatured and recultivated to the untouched wildflower meadow in organic farming.

Wildblumen Garten

“Bees are our most diligent employees,” says Axel Meyer, founder and CEO of TAOASIS Natur Duft Manufaktur. “Without them, our fragrances would not exist. So we feel a special responsibility. With the Wild Bee project, we are committed to preserving over 650 different species. “Our own lavender fields in Detmold , which have been there since 2015, are teeming with bees and other insects in summer.

But with the BeeWild project, we go one step further: The wildflower meadows are intended as pristine natural habitats in organic farming which solely serve the purpose of habitat and food source for the over 650 species of wild bees.

Conventional farmland becomes an organic wildflower meadow

For this cause, farmland, which was previously managed conventionally, is renatured by us and prepared for Demeter cultivation. After that, organic wildflowers are set on the formerly polluted areas and maintained as a habitat for wild bees, but also other insects such as bumblebees, butterflies and moths. An important step for the region, because even in the rural East Westphalia-Lippe, our home region, 95 percent of agriculture is conventionally operated and soil and fields are contaminated with pesticides. No good living conditions for the wild bees, which are dependent on a diverse and untouched natural environment when searching for food.

You can support the project, too. Three new fragrance sets were put together for the project: BeeWild Wellness, BeeWild Feel and BeeWild Träum schön. From the proceeds of each BeeWild product €1 goes directly into the BeeWild wild bee project.