TAOASIS Stores overview

TAOASIS Stores in Berlin and Lage

In the TAOASIS stores in Berlin and Lage you can find the complete range of aromatherapy: essential oils from A-Z, ultrasonic nebulizers, organic aromas for cooking and baking, aromatherapy literature and much more, of course in proven organic and demeter quality. Stop by our stores and discover the world of aromatherapy!

One of the TAOASIS stores in Bikini Berlin

TAOASIS Store Berlin

at Bikini Berlin Shopping Center

The TAOASIS Store Berlin is located right in the heart of the big city. More precisely, in the Bikini Berlin shopping center directly on Breitscheidplatz, we present on 65 square meters the largest organic and Demeter assortment of the brands TAOASIS, Meditao and Baldini. Here you will find more than 800 products made from natural essential oils and can browse through the entire range.

Store Berlin
Einer der TAOASIS Stores in Detmold

TAOASIS Store Lage

on the company grounds of TAOASIS

In Lage there is also the largest organic and Demeter-certified aromatherapy range from TAOASIS. From essential oils to room fragrances, fragrance devices and gift sets to natural cosmetics. However, the location of the store offers even more special features because the botanical fragrance garden with adjacent lavender fields, which counts to it, invites in the future to relax and linger.

Store Lage