Botanical Scent Garden

At the Botanical Scent Garden on our company premises in Lage, we have 2 hectares under cultivation, containing close on 500,000 plants – among them 80 aromatic plants from which essential oils are gleaned and around 200 “special” species. Alongside the predominant, best-known “exotic” species in Lippe, Lavandula angustifolia, the lavender from which our uniquely calming, harmonious lavender oil is derived, we grow specimens of nearly all the important medicinal aromatics and herbs here, including rosemary, hyssop, lemon balm, peppermint, oregano, St. John’s wort, yarrow and much more. Fascinating Mediterranean plants and scented exotics also await you.

Local and exotic splendour

Nearly all the plants from our small Detmold Scent Garden came with us to our new company headquarters in Lage. Alongside native species, a large number of botanical specimens such as the Caucasian wingnut, paperbark maple and handkerchief tree provoke wonder. We invite all scent lovers to join us at the start of our journey and find out how the still-young Botanical Scent Garden unfolds its full splendour. 

Discover a paradise for fans of the natural world

Entry to the Botanical Scent Garden

Opening times

Monday - Friday from 10:00 a.m. -  6:00 p.m. (except on holidays)

Last admission 5:00 p.m.

Special opening hours

On concert evenings we are opended from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 

Our Botanical Scent Garden is accessible to wheelchair users. Our store an Café Petite Provence are also open for you.

Entry prices (April – October)

Adults: € 3.50 
10-visit-ticket: € 25.00 

Children (up to 12 years): € 1.00 

You can purchase tickets on site.

Guided tours incl. entry

Adults: € 9.90 

Children (up to 12 years): € 4.90 

Dates & Tickets

Visit the Botanical Scent Garden along with a company tour

You can explore the Botanical Scent Garden independently or take part in a guided tour led by one of our scent experts. Taking 1.5 hours, these will lead you through the diverse species and give you an insight into the TAOASIS Natur Duft Manufaktur.

If you have questions, suggestions or requests for group bookings, talk to our head garden guide, Elisabeth Kussauer.

Organic cultivation in Lippe

TaoFarm guided tours

We currently grow biodynamic lavender and other aromatics such as rosemary, camomile, sage and oregano to strict Demeter guidelines on our 20-hectare TaoFarm in our hometown. Walking beside the test fields, you can get an idea of the ethics and farming practices of the TaoFarm. You can look at – smell – taste the aromatic plants in the ground and follow the development of their scent from seeds in the field to essential oil in the distillery. The tour is led by company founder Axel Meyer or pharmacist Susanna Färber.

We currently do not offer TaoFarm tours, but keep yourself updated here if there are new dates!

Good to know

Information & contact

In order for you to really enjoy a wonderful visit with us, we have put the most important information together for you here:

Next to the Botanical Scent Garden, directly on the TAOASIS company premises, our French-style café invites you to take a gastronomic journey to Provence. Guests can look forward to a selection of sustainable food and drink inspired by French cuisine.

You can find additional information here: Petite Provence – Café am Duftgarten
Our TAOASIS Store, right by the Botanical Scent Garden, also welcomes you and looks forward to your visit. Here, you can find high-quality aromatherapy products, sniffing around and trying them out to your heart’s content! You can find additional information here: TAOASIS Store in Lage. You can find additional information here: TAOASIS Store Lage


TAOASIS Natur Duft Manufaktur
Am Duftgarten 1
32791 Lage

You can arrive via "Dieselstraße".

Anreise & Parken

There are parking spaces available right by our company headquarters. Getting there by bike, on foot or with public transport would really live up to our message. You can take bus line 741, getting off at the “Am Duftgarten” stop. You can find the line 741 timetable here. You can also use the stop in conjunction with the limo service. You can book the limo either using the Lippemobil-App or by telephoning 05261-6673950.
Even though we love animals, dogs are sadly not allowed in the Botanical Scent Garden, as our medicinal plants are also used as foodstuffs. Dogs are very welcome in our next-door Café Petite Provence.
No drone photography of any kind is allowed. Commercial photography is also not permitted.
Do you still have questions about TAOASIS, our products or their cultivation? Here, we will try to answer the most important questions you have about us and our products: FAQ – Frequently asked questions.